Conscious Clay creations include candle holders, planters, vases and display vessels.

Each piece is individually hand crafted to order.

Every glaze is custom made.


Candle Holders

Large Tealight Candle Holder

Height 130mm x Diameter 170mm

AU $450.00

‘Let their presence light the room’.
Enticing a moment of connection each time you light the candle within.
These beautiful candle holders will suit any room in the home and even serve as stunning center piece.  Each vessel is hand crafted and will have their
own unique carvings. 

Small Tealight Candle Holder

Height 90mm x Diameter 140mm

AU $350.00

Connect with your love ones memory each evening when you light the candle within. 
These gorgeous small tealight candle holders creates a beautiful ethereal glow to any room it resides in.  Small enough to be kept on a bedside table or shelf but never unnoticed.

Tealight Relic

Height 100mm x Diameter 70mm

AU $160.00


If you have a large family that would all like to have a keepsake, then these beautiful little relics are perfect.  No family member need go without. One tablespoon of ashes are requested to create these unique keepsake candle holders.

Soul Bowl

Height 130mm x Diameter 170mm

AU $390.00

These beautiful ‘Soul Bowls’ can be used as a candle holder,  an incense cone holder or just a simple trinket or jewelry bowl. 

Display Vessels


Height 300mm

AU $520.00
Rustic, Raw, Naked.  
A stunning tribute to your loved one, why not turn them into art!
Several clays are mixed together with the option to add a pastel colour of your choice.  Your loved ones ashes can be mixed throughout the vessel or concentrated in one colour.   Each vessel is high fired raw, which produces a stunning rustic and natural finish.  


Height 300mm

AU $520.00
An urn created from ashes rather than holding them. 
Perfect as a stand alone piece or filled with your favourite flowers to brighten the room.  Tall stems are held in place by the narrow opening making it ideal for sumptuous bouquets with its heavy base. 


Height 300mm

AU $520.00
‘A new type of urn’
This stunning urn does not hold ashes, it is created from them.
Approximately 1 cup is requested to make these beautiful tear drop urns.
An eye-catching design to your interior space.

Display Plates

Diameter 380mm

AU $490.00
Celebrate a loved one’s life by unifying their cremated remains into a stunning new and beautiful form.  These decorative plates may be used as a beautiful center piece, a decorative wall plate, a candle and pebble memorial plate or if one so desires a large celebratory food platter.


Large Planter

Height 230mm x Diameter 250mm

AU $440.00

Let your loved ones ashes help support the growth of new life.  Take  a moment to connect each time you water your botanicals.  All planters are high fired and durable so may be enjoyed within the home or garden. Created with a matching drainage plate.

Medium Planter

Height 160mm x Diameter 180mm

AU $360 

These medium sized planters are a comfortable size for any room in the home. Created with a matching draining plate. 

Small Planter

Height 110mm x Diameter 130mm

AU $280 

The small planter is petite enough to fit on a window sill, a desk, bedside table or shelf. Created with a matching draining plate. 

Succulent Planter

Large – Diameter 400mm

AU $460.00

Small – Diameter 250mm

AU $320.00
Succulents are easy plants to grow and care for, so for those among us that don’t have a green thumb but love the idea, this vessel may be for you.  They look lovely either as a colourful centerpiece in the home or in the garden outside.  Created with a matching draining hole and plate.


Large Vase

Height – 250mm

AU $420.00

Small Vase

Height – 180mm

AU $320.00 


‘Bring your love flowers every day’
These elegant vases have been crafted with function in mind.  The flared base keeps these vessel sturdy while the concave neck accentuates the shape of your bouquet and keeps your single stem central..