About Us

The Artist

Hayley is a potter living in Dunsborough, Western Australia.
Conscious Clay was born from the passing of her Grandfather. Several years after he passed, she created a new type of urn for him, which now supports the growth of new life rather than holding ash. After 2 years of design and development (using her grandfather’s ashes and the ashes of a friends grandmother gifted to her), she now has the opportunity to offer her services to others.

Hayley creates wheel-thrown candle holders and planters and then entwines the ashes of a loved one into a glaze she has specifically developed for these vessels. These vessels are designed to support new life in the form of a flower or flame, or to cradle the rings of a lost love.

It is Hayley’s hope to bring the memory of our loved ones back into our everyday life with the watering of a plant each morning or the lighting of a candle each night.

This is an extremely new concept and is being received as a beautiful and unique way to remember and honour our loved ones.

“It gives me joy to know that these unique vessels give families an opportunity to care and interact with something tangible after loss”.

Hayley hand crafts every vessel to order, and it is expression of the ashes within the glaze that produces the final results.
These vessels are truly unique, an absolute one of a kind.

“It is my hope that Conscious Clay vessels can offer those that have suffered loss a small sense of comfort”.

Our Process


Choose your vessel and glaze colour from our selection of

candle holders, planters and ring holders.


We then send you an ash collection kit to attain approximately

200 grams (a small teacup) of your loved ones ashes.


We carefully entwine your loved ones ashes into your chosen glaze which has been 

specially formulated to coat your hand crafted vessel. 

Every vessel is double-fired in our kiln.


Your unique ash-ware vessel is then hand delivered to your door.


Conscious Clay aims to provide a personal opportunity for people to connect with the memory of their loved ones through the daily act of lighting a flame or watering a plant.


We hope to revolutionise the way we honour our loved ones by replacing the use of traditional urns with a beautiful vessel that can support new life.

Our Vessels