At Conscious Clay, we believe in fostering a deep connection with your departed loved ones. Read our customers’ stories and discover why Conscious Clay is the perfect way to honor their memory.

Soph Marsh

Long before my beautiful boy Jack died I knew I would enlist Hayley to make something special with his ashes. When he did eventually pass, just knowing I had that to look forward to was an incredible comfort during a time of great sadness. This weekend Hayley finished my vessels and words can’t describe the beauty she (and my boy!) has created. Her skill and attention to detail, alongside her profound respect for the ashes of my loved one, have resulted in something I will cherish forever.

Thank you Hayley, from the bottom of my heart, for making something that should have been heartbreaking, beautiful and heartwarming xxx

Josephine Norman

Hayley made me four beautiful tea light holders incorporating ashes from four deceased pets that I had been hanging on to for ages, not knowing quite what to do with them. I wish I had known about Conscious Clay before, as we have adopted so many rescue animals over the years and buried them with plinths and marble headstones when they left us. That has meant having to relocate not just their remains but their memorial markers every time we’ve moved (three times thus far). To have mementoes of our dearly loved animals on display in such a beautiful form in our home, where we see them more often, is next-level in terms of keeping them front of mind. One of the nicest things about communicating with Hayley is her empathy; she really understands how every creature we’ve adopted has kept its place in our hearts … forever.

Briget Kelly

I just received my sister’s urn, and while I had complete confidence that it would be beautiful, it has exceeded my expectations – it is exquisite, and I know my sister would love it.
I have to also acknowledge the sensitivity and care that Hayley demonstrated – to me and my family, and also to the artistry of the urn itself. Compassion and humanity have gone into this piece, making it much more than a mere receptacle.
To have such a unique piece of art, a representation of my sister, does indeed give ‘a sense of comfort and connection’.

Fran Woodruff

This amazing gift arrived today from Conscious Clay – Ashes into Art. What a stunning vessel. The incredible thing is it’s made with some of my mums ashes! It’s such a gorgeous remembrance of her. I have carried her ashes around for the past 16 years never quite finding the right place for them. Obviously it was because I needed to pass them on to dear Hayley Bangham from Conscious Clay to turn them into a piece of art that I can also use as a vase for all of mums favourite flowers! Awwww so happy! Definitely worth the wait. 

Thank you Hayley.

Lorna Alward

I had Hayley create 2 Tealight Relics and one Small Planter with my dad’s ashes, with the intention of giving a Tealight to my sister. When I opened the package, I was overwhelmed with how beautiful the vessels were. My sister was also very happy to have a visual memento of our dad on display in her home.

Thank you, Hayley you are indeed a wonderful artist.

Beth Addison

I can’t recall how I first stumbled upon Conscious Clay but I thought what a unique way to memorialise a loved one. Then our beloved Batman died November 2020. Thank you Hayley for your care at a devastating time. We love our tea-light relic so much. It is so beautiful in its own right, but so special and of great comfort to have some of our fur-baby in a tangible item we can honour in our home. It sits now with this photo to remind us to always stop and smell the roses and appreciate life. Hayley thank you for sharing your art in this way, the process has been very cathartic.

Lynda O’Loughlin

I can’t thank Hayley at Conscious Clay enough for the beautiful tea light holders that she created using my Father’s ashes and my beautiful dog Aotea’s ashes. They are simply sublime and I love being able to honour my father and my dog daily by lighting a candle in these beautiful vessels.

Thank you Hayley for creating such beautiful gifts with such compassion.

Gary Mayers

Had the pleasure of commissioning two pieces of work for my dad who passed away last year.  One is for the home and the other is for taking him travelling.
I wasn’t aware of anyone doing this and in an emotional time the selection and ideas process was made as smooth as possible and with dignity by Hayley.  I was very happy to have been put on to her business.

Deborah Wraight

Hayley created gorgeous vessels using my dad Merv Wraight’s ashes in the glaze. She was so respectful and personable and clearly very talented. I will always treasure the 4 pieces she made for my family. We are each getting one for Christmas and they are all unique! I will be recommending Hayley to the clients I provide funeral celebrant services to. Thanks again so very much Hayley.

Rachel Sheppard

Thank you so much Hayley for my gorgeous piece in memory of a much loved pet. Your care and thoughtfulness throughout the process was totally appreciated. Your creativity and talent will always be on display in my home whilst keeping a part of our girl close by. Highly recommend Conscious Clay for transforming loved ones ashes into amazing pieces that can be brought into your everyday life.

Coralie Barton

I wish I could show in these photographs the true beauty of these vessels created by the beautiful Hayley from Conscious Clay. Such a beautiful way to lay tribute to my beautiful girl sadly passed. Both her soul and her beauty are captured perfectly in these stunning pieces. Thank you so much Hayley! Your warmth, compassion and your skill have brought life back to my lost girl. I shall treasure them forever. xxxx

Deb Seivwright

We received our ash-ware today and can’t begin to explain how beautiful it is not only is our pet apart of the lovely candle holder but the care and presentation of it is wonderful. Hayley our family is forever grateful to you throughout this process many thanks for assisting us to have a lovely reminder of our missing family member Archie.
Regards The Seivwright’s

Swami Adima

Hayley created a stunning bowl for me as a gift from my wife using my mums ashes, I use it with tea candles and is one of my most sacred belongings! Thanks Hayley! 🧡🧡🧡🙏🙏🙏

Alison Dirix

I can’t thank Hayley enough for her creativity & compassion in creating these beautiful tealight holders she created with my late husband’s ashes – she blended our favourite colours beautifully. they make stunning additions to my buffet & are a wonderful way to treasure our memories.

Jo Young

Thanks Hayley for making this for me, using my mum and dad’s ashes. So beautiful. 💕

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