Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  How do I order?

A: Simply fill out our enquiry or contact form and Hayley will get back to you to discuss the details or your vessel.  Once you are happy with your order we begin the process by sending you an Ash Collection Kit.

Q:  What is an Ash Collection Kit?

A: Our Ash Collection Kits include a small plastic canister with a safe seal lid, a pair of latex gloves, a plastic spoon, a return prepaid satchel and a letter confirming your order details.  The amount of ashes required and your tracking number will be noted in your letter.

Q:  Will I be charged for the Ash Collection Kit?

A:  Yes, $25.  It is part of our shipping and handling fee., however you will not be charged until your vessel has been completed and you are sent your final invoice.

Q:  How much ash do I need to give?

A: Our optimal amount is 250grams (1 cup), however depending on your order size we may require more, or less.

Q:  How many pieces can I order?

A: If desired, we can make 1 piece for every member of the family!

1 cup of ash has the potential to make up to 4 pieces.  However, the quantity of pieces you can order is not limited, we may just require more ash.

Q:  What happens to any remaining ash?

A: Any remaining ashes will be returned with your vessel.


Q:  Which countries do you ship to?

A:  Currently we are only shipping within Australia. We hope to be expanding internationally in the near future!

Q:  Where is my order?

A:  When we ship your order we will provide you with your vessels tracking number so you can keep an eye on its journey via our couriers website.

Q:  What if my item is broken or lost in transit?

A:  If something happens to your vestige during shipping, please send us a photograph for insurance purposes, and we will create another vessel for you.


Q:  How do I pay for my order?

A:  We request that you pay via direct transfer using the details provided in your invoice.

Q:  When do you require payment?

A:  Payment is not due until your vessel has been completed.  

Q:  Can I enter into a payment plan?

A:  Of course! Our business is to enable you to honour your loved one; not to be a burden.

Upon request we can organise a payment plan that suits you.


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